Beautiful People

I love human diversity, the unique set of traits from which personality is woven, the ultra-interesting mix that builds what’s inside and expresses itself with what’s outside. Particularity, uniqueness, vitality.
I try to explore and show not only the superficiality, but also a piece of the soul. I have chosen minimalist, monochrome images, a simple form so that nothing distracts from my characters.

I conceive of beauty in a non-stereotypical way, this is not about beauty canons imposed by pop culture. We are wonderfully different because of our appearance, age, background, preferences, the struggles that construct reality, lifestyles. This is valuable and can be a source of broadening our perception and helping us to understand the world. In openness, let us breathe fully and express ourselves as we wish without hurting others.

The first portraits of the series were taken in 2018, at the moment there are over 30, and more are being created.

I presented the photographs three times: Pusta Gallery, Katowice Miasto Ogrodów (PL), 2021, curated by Katarzyna Łata – a short video of this event is HERE.
In 2022: at MOK Zawiercie Gallery (PL), curator: Karolina Kindler – Skowronek and as a part of „Siła fotografii” in Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury, Kraków (PL), curator: Monika Stachnik – Czapla.