The author’s meeting and portfolio workshop are set on both of my long-term projects: One People Story and Beautiful People.

During the author’s meeting I will give a behind-the-scenes look at the work of  a portraitist, talk about my inspirations and what motivates me to create portraits. Anecdotes and interesting backstage stories will enrich the meeting.

In the second part I will give the floor to the participants. I invite photography enthusiasts, especially those interested in portraiture, to present their photos and talk about them. This is a chance for
valuable tips, advice and inspirations, to develop your photographic passion and exchange experiences.

How to overcome the fear of talking to and photographing a stranger? How to compose a portrait photo? How to deal with lighting in a portrait – when is it an ally, and when will be problematic? How to present your photographs? Is it important what kind of photo camera you have? – these are just some of the themes that will come up in our discussions.

I have held such workshops at:
– BWA Katowice (PL), Dec 2021
– MOK Zawiercie (PL), March 2022
– NCK Kraków (PL), Nov 2022

You can download detailed information HERE. I am open to changes in the workshop programme.