Workshops: How to look good in photos and professionally build your personal brand with images.

This is the author’s workshops, the programme of which has grown within me over the last few years. As a portrait photographer and self-entrepreneur, I am very familiar with the aspects of building a personal brand, using photography for its benefit, self-presentation, being both on the other side of the lens posing and creating photographs designed to support my clients’ professional activities.

The workshops are aimed at those who are building their personal brand, entrepreneurs and corporate teams.

The workshops programme touches on self-acceptance, how we perceive ourselves and what influences this perception. Participants will also learn how to work with image, how to use their natural abilities and potential, and which manipulations not to use. They will also learn how to prepare for a photo shoot and how to pose for photos without undue stress so that the result is as expected.

The most attractive element of these workshops is a photo session for the participants. The portrait I will take for each person can be used in their professional life.

More details can be found HERE.


Workshops for photographers: Beautiful People – the uniqueness and simplicity of studio portrait.

I have been creating a series of portraits called Beautiful People for the past few years. These are minimalist, black and white portraits in which I focus on the unique characteristics of the person I am portraying.

How do I make such a portrait?

I am guided by intuition and feeling to bring out personality traits, with minimal external resources: a neutral background, one studio lamp, the model with little make up or without, simple outfits, black and white processing.

Are you passionate about portrait photography and want to try studio work based on intuition, sensitive vision and getting to know the person being photographed? Learn how to create an interesting portrait using a single light, based on simplicity of form to bring out the fascinating features of the model?

Let’s meet at my original workshop with Beautiful People!

The workshops take place at my Portrait Studio in Katowice (I announce it on social media) or at the invitation of a gallery or institution of culture.

You can find the Beautiful People series HERE, and the workshop programme HERE.

Workshops for photo enthusiasts: Q&A session and portfolio review.

Do you photograph people and wonder how to create better portraits? Do you have a set of photographs, but you don’t know how to present them, put them together in a coherent series? Are you distracted by comparing yourself with others, don’t know what to focus on, are you lost in what is yours and what is copied?

The workshop is aimed at photography enthusiasts who have already made their first attempts at portraiture and would like to do it better.

This programme is set on both of my long-term projects: One People Story and Beautiful People.

During the Q&A session I will give a behind-the-scenes look at the work of a portraitist, talk about my inspirations and what motivates me to create portraits. Anecdotes and interesting backstage stories will enrich the meeting with a photo show in the background.

In the second part I will give the floor to the participants. I invite photography enthusiasts, especially those interested in portraiture, to present their photos and talk about them. This is a chance for valuable tips, advice and inspirations, to develop your photographic passion and exchange experiences.

How to overcome the fear of talking to and photographing a stranger? What to pay attention to in the composition of a portrait photo? How do I use both still and flash light? How do I present my photographs? Is it important what we photograph with? – These are just some of the topics which will come up in our discussions.

I organise these workshops periodically in my Portrait Studio, they are also held at the invitation of galleries or cultural institutions.
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