My Cosmos Is Mine

Photographs of trees was created during that strange time of lockdowns. I was spending a lot of time in the mountain forests, and focusing on the trees, their forms and what they were saying to me allowed me to disconnect from reality. I was also accompanied by words: deep breath, calm, silence, universe, freedom. They were like flashes and names for trees at the same time.

The graphics, on the other hand, were created at a similar time, but originally for a completely different set. The lines of the body resemble those of naked trees. Simplicity, bareness, connection with nature. 

The photographs, illustrations and words ‘came together’ lightly and spontaneously, in response to an invitation to show my work at Jakub Byrczek’s Pusta CD Gallery, Jaworzno PL, in April 2023. In this intimate space, all these elements found themselves. They were naturally complemented by tree branches, which became a coherent element of the entire installation.

The final piece of these puzzles, which gave the series its title, is Depeche Mode’s song My Cosmos Is Mine.

The exhibition is intimate: three diptychs (photos of trees + graphics, formats 12 by 18 cm), two graphics (18 by 25 cm) and seven photographs of trees with words as diptychs (each 12 by 18 cm).