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What photographic equipment do I go on holiday with?

In the years when I worked as a photojournalist, I took all the equipment I was using at the time everywhere – my camera plus a couple of lenses packed in a sizable bag. Too hard… I remember holidays in Greece where I was carrying this heavy equipment with me everywhere. I took pictures of the

Imagine you see an interesting person in the street and you intuitively feel that it would be a beautiful portrait. Nothing easier – walk up, introduce yourself, ask if you can. If only it were that easy… Many photographers have a big problem with

When I have a few negatives to develop, I order the chemicals and work in the darkroom. To my surprise and disappointment when it turned out that I wasn’t able to order Tetenal black and white emulsion…. this company has stopped producing it. Despite the changing times, analogue photography

Very often I hear from my artist friends how much stress they feel about any kind of appearance in front of an audience or the media. Interviews, radio programmes, Q&A meetings, exhibition openings. I admit that this used to stress me out too. Now I recognise this as a regular