What about self-acceptance? The inteview with Gabrysia Bartosik.

I remember our first meeting. It was in 2021, as part of the Art in the Service of Spirit and Body (Sztuka w Służbie Życia i Ciała) series organised by the Art for Life Foundation (Fundacja Sztuka dla Życia). My Portrait Studio was hosting a photo shoot entitled Portrait

Hi Marta! We met this year (2024) in my Portrait Studio thanks to the Cykl w Służbie Ducha i Ciała (Art in the Service of Spirit and Body Cycle) organised by the Sztuka Dla Życia (Art for Life) Foundation. You took part in a photo session called Portrait of a Woman, for

Hi Edyta, welcome to my blog! You’re involved in coaching, facilitation, leadership, and provide training for businesses. You are active on social media and regularly share your knowledge and experience. How do you find ideas for topics and motivation to be systematic in what you do? Inspiration changes depending